Stepping Out

I am the most normal of normal people. I worked for many years in a local bank. I arrived at work at the same time every day. I had a routine, my whole day was planned with tasked listed and scored off as they were completed. I enjoyed my job, I enjoyed the interactions with colleagues and customers. I built some wonderful, lasting friendships that started over a shared love of coffee cake, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and shopping trips at lunchtime.

How very different my life is now. I work for myself, mainly at home, with a few weekly mum & tots classes in other venues. I love it. I love working in the house, I can work while watching This Morning and if I need to nip out for messages I can. I do the school run everyday and take Catherine on adventures after nursery, sometimes to the park, sometimes to Tesco. But, (and this is a big but) I really miss ‘the chat’ that you get working in an office. I miss taking a cuppa to someone when I know they need a break. I miss people!

While on maternity leave Catherine and I had a lovely routine attending baby yoga, heading to the park, going to our local mother’s and toddlers group, getting out for walks. It was lovely. It was just what I wanted. But I missed regular grown up company, and wasn’t great at putting myself out there and making new friends. That’s one of the reasons that I started Toddlepops, to build a community for mums and their little ones. It’s so important for mums to come together.

My world became so small when I became a mother. Everything revolved around Catherine, her needs, her routine, her mood. Now that she’s at nursery I’m getting a bit more time to spread my wings and find out who I am, because I’ve changed a lot since May 2014 when Catherine was born. I know this for sure, I’m much more outgoing. I’ll happily be the one to start a conversation after years of being afraid. I think it’s my need for adult interaction. I’m much better at saying yes to new opportunities or invitations without making excuses. I’m getting out there and building a new social circle and I feel much more ‘me’ than ever before.

Being a mum is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it can be lonely. I still keep in touch with those lovely work friends, albeit much less regularly, I still have my wonderful close friends who are there no matter what is going on, and I now have new friends, made over the noise of nursery rhymes and coffee dates.

3B295C32-1868-43E9-ACEF-98BD35D3442CSo for anyone out there feeling like they could do with a bit of mum company, just make a start and say ’hello’. It could make someone’s day and you just never know where it will lead.

The Storybook Mummy



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