Sleepless in South Belfast

Ok, so it doesn’t have the same ring to it as Sleepless in Seattle, but it’s where I’m at. Recently we are struggling with the old sleep thing in our house, and Mr McC and I are approaching our witts end. I’m researching having coffee administered by drip and am reliant on sugar to get me through the day. Our little girl is waking tired and grumpy. Something has to give!

Catherine was always a good sleeper. She slept through the night consistently from about 10 weeks old and made the transition from crib beside our bed to cot in her own room at 5 months without any fuss at all. I recall chatting to other mums who weren’t so lucky and really appreciating how wonderful it was to have a sleeper.

Flash forward a few years and here we are with an (almost) four year old who would rather sleep on top of my head than in her own, comfortable bed. Why, why, why??

I know that things could be a lot worse, but we want Catherine to get the most out of nursery, to have the energy that she needs for her day, and be ready to climb into bed each night feeling sleepy after a busy day. She has a very good bedtime routine of bath, prayers, stories and bed. Her room has blackout curtains, so it’s not the brighter evenings. She is our only child, so the house is quiet and settled at bedtime. So what the heck?!

When she wakes in the night she talks of hearing noises and being scared of a toy unicorn (we got rid of this menace a while back but she still lists it among the things that frighten her at night). Is she playing us? Well yes, she most likely is, because she knows that in the interest of everyone getting some rest she will be allowed into our bed. But We are not getting any rest, and she can’t possibly be getting the rest that she needs either! So we are taking a stand!

Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’ve made a purchase. Something that will transform our lives, something that will aid us all in getting a better nights sleep, something that I’d guess many parents have done before us. We have bought bunk beds! I am a strong woman, I will not be bullied out of a decent sleep any longer, I am not giving in (ok so I am kind of giving in), I will overcome (or sidestep) adversity, I will crawl into the bottom bunk when the going gets tough.

And there you have it. No sleep expert help needed. No tough love (it’ll be for the best) will be administered. No one will be harmed in the pursuit of a good nights rest for the McCann family. All will be well once more.

Flash forward 6 months when Catherine refers to her bedroom as ‘our room’ and Mr McC becomes unwilling and unable to relinquish a small part of the king size bed we used to share. All joking aside, I’m pretty sure that this is not a solution, but if it gets me a full 8 hours tonight it’s definitely worth a wee shot.

The Storybook Mummy


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