Losing Weight Is Such a Chore

9CF49429-AC94-4628-987A-070CC481A5D0Losing Weigh Is Such a Chore

Losing weight is fun some say,
But me I’m not so sure,
I’m fond of the idea of it,
But find it such a chore!

The constant weighing and measuring
Of food and milk and wine
Can become so very tedious
At my weekend cocktail time!

Each day I track my food intake
And list my don’ts and do’s
I stay away from tempting treats
And limit chocs and booze

I argue with myself each week
‘Sure, one more won’t do much harm’
But if I splurge and break the bank
I’ll regret it later on

Losing weigh can be a chore
When you feel that you aren’t able
To make great efforts everyday
Checking small print on each label

But what of all that you will gain
While you’re busy losing weight
And focusing on exercise
To speed the slimming of your waist?

Each week you’ll have a meeting,
Where you step onto the scales.
Instead of dreading it, come on in!
It’s more meaningful when you avail.

Of the massive wealth of knowledge
That awaits you when you attend.
The group of ladies with a shared goal
Will soon become your friends.

You’ll soon start to enjoy the journey that you’re on,
With successes cheered and celebrated,
And slip ups not really frowned upon

Losing weight ain’t easy!
It can sometimes cause distress.
But I bet that you’ll feel differently
When you fit into that dress.


The Storybook Mummy xxx

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