An Ode to Mums


All I ever seem to do

Is run to and fro, then fro and to!

In my desperate quest to be

The bestest mummy that I can be.

I have lots of important things to do,

Like keeping kids company on the loo,

And stretching my (exhausted) brain

To participate in crazy made-up games.

I play with dolls, I play princesses,

I even wear the flouncy dresses!

I play chase and tip and hide and seek,

I build towers and castles that look on fleek.

I cook and clean and slave away

Like Cinderella (some might say).

It sometimes feels like I never stop,

With school runs and messages to the shops.

I’m busy, busy the whole day through

Just like (I’d wager) you are too!

So why do mummies never rest

In their quest to be the best?

It is because we love our tribes

Those kids that fill us with such pride

Are worth it all, every bit

But I think we all should learn to sit.

Sit and rest ourselves sometimes

It will help us help their growing minds.

It will in fact improve all chances

Of their endless questions being answered.

So how and why does it really matter

To sometimes switch off all the chatter?

What if things go off the rails

While of some ‘me time’ mum avails?

But do not fret, it will be fine!

It is vital that we take some time,

To keep our minds and bodies balanced

So we can face any challenge.

A happy mum is the centre of

A family filled with lots of love.

No matter what your family entails,

It’s love that keeps it on the rails.

The Storybook Mummy xxx

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