The First

You were our first, and for so long you were our one and only

But now we’ve added one more to our family journey

Things have changed a lot for you since another came along

I want to say I’m so impressed by how you’re getting on!

You love your baby sister and shower her with kisses

When we are out without her you tell me how much you miss her

And yet I know that sharing me with her can not be easy

You’ve had Daddy and I to yourself for many, many seasons

Sometimes you’ll tell me it was easier to be the only one

When we didn’t have to stay at home until the baby’s feed was done

When we could spend hours making dresses for your dolls

And building towers without me being called away by our baby’s calls

But in time you’ll come to realise just how special it can be

To have a little sister who loves you unconditionally

To have someone there to share things with, to play your little games

To tell secrets to, to build dens with, and to splash in puddles when it rains

You’ll see when you are older that she’s the best thing that we could ever give you

When you’ve got her back and she’s got your’s, no matter what you do

You two will likely fight like cats, but also love each other madly

You’ll cover for each other when you’ve been behaving badly

You were our first, but now you are a wonderful big sis

I loved you first, and love you still even through the baby mist

You climb on me to join in when your little sis needs fed

I hold you both through everything when all is done and said.

The Storybook Mummy xxx

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